Online Application Procedures


Before you register online, please make sure that you have an ecopy of your 2x2 Photo ID (JPEG or PNG file) that must not be more than 300 to 500 kilobytes KB).

IMPORTANT! An applicant should have an active and correct EMAIL ADDRESS for activation and verification purposes.
IMPORTANT! To optimize your web experience, we strongly recommend using the latest versions of your web browser. Keeping your web browser up to date is very important. By running an older web browser you will also probably be missing out on useful and features of this website which newer browser support.

To update your web browser, please visit and learn from this tutorial.


This is for the NVSU College Admission Test (NCAT) dubbed as iApply.

Please make sure that the information you will provide is true and correct.

All fields are required unless marked Optional.


Today is: Tuesday, April 23, 2024

All applicants follow the following steps to apply online:

  1. Go to the NVSU CAT (iApply) page (
  2. A message dialog box will appear. Please read the Service Agreement. Then click the "Yes, I have read..." button below to start your online registration.
  3. Fill up the online registration form. Type the required information in the form and click the Register Account button. This will send your temporary password to your email address for you to activate your iApply account.
    • Be sure that the information (particularly your name) in the application must be the same as indicated in your PSA or NSO copy of birth certificate.
    • Make sure that the email address you will provide in the application is active and correct.
    • NOTE: Any misrepresentations (or giving false/incorrect information) in your online application will automatically disapprove your application to take the Admission Test.
  4. Sign in and open your email. Go to Inbox and open the message with the subject "NVSU CAT Account" together with your TEMPORARY PASSWORD. Then, click the VERIFY APPLICATION button to activate your account.
  5. After successfully activating your account, click the LOGIN button located at top right of the navigation bar to continue your application. This time, you will be able to complete your application by providing your Data Profile and uploading requirement (valid Photo ID).
  6. After you login, a welcome message will appear. Provide the data asked in the dialog boxes. Click the Continue Application button to proceed. This will take you a page where you will enter your Data Profile
  7. FORM 1: The Data Profile. Fill out all the required fields in the form. At the bottom of the form, check the "Yes, I Agree / Understand" box, and click the Submit Application button. After submitting, this will take you the page where you will enter your educational background.
  8. FORM 2: The Educational Background Information. Fill up the necessary data in each form, if applicable to you. Click the Save button to save the data provided. At the bottom of the form, click the Upload Photo ID button to continue to the last step.
  9. FORM 3: Upload Photo ID. Read the guidelines first on how to upload a valid photo ID. If ready, click the Upload Picture... button. Browse and select your picture on your device and click Open. Here, you can crop your picture to fit in a 2x2 size. If finished, click the Upload Image to submit. Your picture will be displayed once successfully uploaded. (Note: You can still change your Photo ID once you complete your application)
IMPORTANT REMINDER! You can edit your Data Profile, Educational Background information, and Photo ID by clicking the My Application dropdown menu at the left panel.

Make sure to complete (100%) your Data Profile, Educational Background, and Photo ID within 48 hours (2 days). This will ensure that you will be accommodated to your preferred schedule.

Click to PROCEED